Sent previously to the Society

A mirror, green and gold

Work and refreshment; a shadowed niche in space.
December 2021. The Society.

Robin’s 2021 gift guide

Old favorites, new treasures.
November 2021. The Society.

Notes on Web3

Meager counterweight to the growing hype.
November 2021. Media Lab.

The appreciator

Sloan on Tooze on Malm.
November 2021. Reading Room.

The slab and the permacomputer

Two directions at once.
October 2021. Media Lab.

The spirit in Vault B

You can do it any way you want, as long as it works.
October 2021. The Society.

It will think you are crunching bones

The marrow of book publishing.
October 2021. The Society.


Always read these comments!
July 2021. Media Lab.


Train trips, publishing guides, handmade maps.
July 2021. The Society.

Dreams of discord

How could you make a chat room weirder and better?
June 2021. Media Lab.

In search of the new

Mapping the edge of contemporaneity.
May 2021. Reading Room.

Celebrating Alexis

Who else would you want to be the voice across the water?
May 2021. California Committee.

Defending inflation

Somebody’s got to do it.
May 2021. Businessland.

Two charms

A blockquote with death and life in it.
April 2021. Reading Room.

Cold start

Baby hummingbirds and power plants.
April 2021. The Society.

Cloud study

Just a couple of notes on cloud functions.
March 2021. Media Lab.

Reading Frank’s Corpus

An uncommonly interesting piece of writing.
March 2021. Reading Room.

Here is your liberal art!

Dispatch from the fair days of spring.
March 2021. Reading Room.

A coat check ticket, a magic spell

Minting digital art in a weird new market.
February 2021. Media Lab.

Foundation (part two)

You see the method to my madness.
January 2021. The Society.

Fresh from Ganymede!

I want to end this year by going back to the basics.
December 2020. The Society.